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ER: Long Way Till Morning Prologue I by Oniwanbashu

Let's see how this Critique thing works, eh? I'm not the best at this critiquing thing and I don't have the full story to compare it w...

From time to time I write these. Like most things I do in my own time, I do them of my own accord, so I may write one then several then none for year! :'D

  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Glitch x City's Mix of Hoenn Frontier Brains (v2)
  • Reading: Underside of Hat. Apparatnly it's by Mountcastle.
  • Watching: out for Dropbears. The cold makes 'em antsy.
  • Playing: Skyrim
Edit: Got a username wrong! dfsdfjdsl.

Went to work (Conductor training, run 12 / 15, nearly there, woo!!) today to find that as requested my hat (which I'd bought second-hand through the railway) of the past 11 runs, which was annoyingly a size too small had been exchanged with one a size larger! And it fits perfectly!! And it's awesome!

Here's something like it, main difference is that it has a hat band that says 'Trainee' (which can be interchanged, once I'm qualified I'll be given one that says 'Conductor' etc)

Also apparently the techincial term (or at least the old VR term) is 'shunter's cap'. Apparently there was actually a bit of a fuss when they were introduced, since they weren't worn by period conductors, but they're much cheaper than the actual hats (we allow both). I like these more for their broader brim.

And in the mean time, dA turned fifteen and thus put out this Questionnaire: #deviantartistquestionnaire

No.01: How long have I been on dA?
Since April 28th '09, so a bit over six years.

No.02: What does 'icytemporalist' mean?
It was a word I thought up whilst walking to class one day in high school and contemplating how German compound words work (eg 'Lastkraftwagenfahrer' = 'truck + driver') I then thought of two themes I liked at the time, being 'ice' and 'time' and did the same. 'icytemporalist' = 'ice + time + one who does said thing'). Of course that's not quite how it works, but I liked the word and went with it.

What's really cool about this question though is seeing how many other people have such similar origins to such cool names, at least ones I think are cooler, or at least more concise than mine. |D

No.03: Describe myself in three words:
Overcomplicating, Savvy, Australian.
("But yes, on occasion, I am known, to 'Smash'")

No.04: Am I left or right handed?
Lefty! Though I still dine with a fork in my left hand and knife in my right.

No.05: What was my first deviation?
Well... if I'm saving face then it's this photo from Term 4 in Year 9:
Foggy Morning by icytemporalist
Though in terms of what was uploaded first, I think this sketch (done around the same time as the photo was taken) pre-dates it.
Poke sketch 1: Saving Lucario by icytemporalist
I still have a very long way to go, but it's still pretty neat to see how far I've come. c:

No.06: What is my favourite type of art to create?
I'll second Yuriakashu when she said "I love writing ... but visual art is a different yet equally-enjoyable experience, one that I can more readily share online." Writing prose is lots of fun, but taking the time to work on a drawing and bothering to do the lineart and making it all look good, especially the satisfaction that comes with working with one's own lines, is it's own reward.

No.07: If I could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
I reeeeeealy want to take the 'but that would be cheating and true mastery is about constant learning not having attained knowledge' path, but then I'm reminded I really want to pick up the piano again and create compositions and my own arrangements of music I like. ^^;

No.08: What was my first favourite?
It... err... looks to be this:
Trinity Blood by agnidevi
I think this was from back when school's library was the only source of manga I'd read, and I was going through their collection of 'Trinity Blood.' Never really picked it up again once I'd read all school had, reading online just wasn't the same and I think then it also had to compete with Hellsing which was much shorter, but because of that was much more coherent... so to speak.

No.09: What type of art do I tend to favourite the most?
Originally it felt like anything and everything that drew my attention and I liked, though lately it seems to be either a) things that impress me or b) fanart or comissions of my characters / collabs :'D

No.10: Who is my all time favourite artist on dA?
Yes. There's no way I could just say one, so at risk of omitting someone here's three off the top of my head:
:icontamarinfrog: TamarinFrog  / Paper-Star-Zombie
Tammy's Random Doom series was one of the things that first drew me to dA. Since then I've found she's a great role model and all around nice person to be around. Also I feel like following her tumblr has meant I'm not missing out missing out on Splatoon. Hahaha.

:icononiwanbashu: Oniwanbashu
If it wasn't for Oni, I doubt I would've joined End Run and who knows how much of a credit that community was to my growth as a creator of both art and writing. There's actually a funny story about how I first came across Oni's art, but I'll save that for another day~

:iconwanlingnic: wanlingnic
My first thought of Nikky wasn't the most savoury I'm ashamed to admit. Mainly because there seemed to be so much hype about her joining end run and there was I, a then outsider wondering 'what's the big deal, I don't even read nuzlokes, why should I be excite'? And then I find this absoltely amazing and wonderful person who seemed to do everything with such awe and grace... I am eternally glad I found the courage to suggest our OCs be friends because never have I been happier to have been proven wrong.

Shout outs to
- Hella.
- Sinnoh buddy!
- How do you realism so grand?
Chopstuff / Awesome-Vince 
- Kiwi buddy
- Lovely humour!
- I love your perspectives!
- Angst buddy?!
- Such drama! Much good.
- Rad buddy who does radio now.
- Zeal!
- B@ d@$$
- Such cute!
- Biology!
- Dragons!
- Woah!
- Never give up!
- 2000s me is indebted to you for making such a positive webcomic. 2010s me apologises for still not finishing that fanart.
- Hella Aussie buddy!
- I don't know where you went but I miss you and your irreverent humour.
- Philipino buudy!
- RP Buddy + good at ideas.
- Knows-stuff-about-European-History-and-WWII buddy!

I'm still probably forgetting people but that'll do for now.. hopefully. :'D

No.11: If I could meet anyone on dA in person, who gets a visit by this particular Aussie?
See above list.
Uhh... if I had to shorten it, then Nikky still, Ress, Oni, Kashu x definitely, like to meet Kat too whilst I'm there, Shinon, HALES, Crim would be fun to chill with, as would Ete, Shaula seems the outdoorsy type, so maybe explore a thing with her, Star (southrobin) just to cheer her on, Star (flaming starfish) even though we already did once because you're just that amaze and Holmes too because you tell great stories and I'd like to hear one in person.

:iconwanlingnic: :icontheunawarething: :icononiwanbashu: :iconyuriakashu: :iconkatarinu: :iconshadeofshinon: :iconchopstuff: :iconcrimson-miz: :iconetesian: :iconshaula-alnair: :iconsouthrobin: :iconflaming-starfish: :iconyoungsherlockholmes:

...come to think of it, I know heaps of people on tumblr who I'd like to meet and are probably on dA too. >_>

No.12: How has a fellow deviant impacted my life?
Other than what's been mentioned already? Umm... pandemoniumfire  gave me my first taste in admin powers??? :"'D

No.13:What do I prefer to use when making art?
Presently? Drawing tablet + Fire Alpaca, with Flash for animations. Still meaning to see if I can do pixel animations with flash, come to think of it.
Abstractly? Some parameters are always welcome when it comes to being creative. But not too many, it's like how with a handful of Lego you can come up with more than with an unlimited supply, but it's a bit of a stretch when you've only got three bricks.

No.14: Where's the most inspirational place to create art?
I'm going to follow the trend and say bed / my room. If only because that's where the majority of it happens. Planning on the other hand... I think it just comes to me wherever I am, I don't seek out a place to be inspired, though I'm open to looking for inspiration as I go about my day.

No.15: What's my favourtie dA Memory?
'nuff said




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G'day, the name's icytemporalist or just Icy for short.
I like to draw for fun and that's all there really is to it.
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